Hello, This is the CameraFi STUDIO team!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the CameraFi STUDIO iOS app.

Now, not only on the web and Android devices but iPhone users can also enjoy CameraFi STUDIO.

1. Diverse Scoreboard

Stream sports events more vividly with custom scoreboards for 20 + sports types.

2. Game Recording and Sharing

Update scores in real-time and share every moment of the game with your audience.

3. Event Notifications

Effectively notify your audience about uploaded events with our 'Notification' feature to garner more attention.

4. User Channel Feature

Transform your personal account into your own channel and communicate with followers through Open Talk.

5. Highlights and Cheering Features

Easily check the highlights of the games recorded through the controller and passionately cheer for your favorite team.

Join us on iPhone to make every moment of all sports events even more special with CameraFi STUDIO!

For more details, check the link below!