Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio Team.

You might know that you can enjoy the video in CameraFi STUDIO by entering the video URL when creating a match.

However, videos set to public or unlisted may play normally on your account but not be viewable by others.

For your viewers and followers eagerly awaiting your match, consider changing the settings of the video URL.

We provide notifications in the form of alerts on the “My Channel” page for such not shareable videos, and these notification icons are shown only the person who created the match. 

The notifications vary depending on the reason for the restriction and guide you on how to resolve the issue.

‘Not shareable URL detected. Click on the relevant match to review its link’

‘Enable sharing in URL settings’

‘Please ensure the URL is in the correct format’

‘Video unavailable. Please check the link’

1. "Not shareable URL detected. Click on the relevant match to review its link"

This notification appears when a video cannot be shared for two or more reasons. 

1) Click on the event match event with the caution icon to go to the detail page. see its details.

2) Check the notification on each video.

The solutions for each are continued below.

2. "Enable sharing in URL settings."

This notification appears for two reasons

1) The uploaded YouTube video's visibility is set to private.

2) The YouTube video's embedding setting is disabled.

First, please go to the link of the uploaded video. Then, navigate to the page where you can set the video

(YouTube: Click on your profile menu at the top right - Click on YouTube Studio - Click on Select Content from the left menu - Click Edit the (pencil icon) on the video you wish to modify to edit your video).

You can check the visibility under "Visibility" on the right. If it's set to private, change it to either "Public" or "Unlisted" so others can view it.

After checking the visibility, proceed to the next step.

 Scroll down and click on "Show More" to open the menu. Allowing embedding under "License" will solve the issue.

Now, it's time to apply the changes:

Return to the CameraFi STUDIO, and refresh the video URL in the event's details. If the link remains unchanged, click 'Refresh' to verify its validity. If the link has changed, re-enter it and check again.

3. "Ensure the URL format is correct."

This notification often means the entered URL cannot access a video or contains too many videos. Please verify the link's address directly, and if the issue remains unresolved, contact apps.help@vaultmicro.com

4. "Video unavailable. Please check the link."

This notification means the URL might have been entered incorrectly or is broken. Verify the link's correctness and playback functionality.

By setting up before going live, you can share all your publicly or unlisted uploaded matches with everyone.

Thank you.