Hello, This is the CameraFi STUDIO Team.

You can register an additional manager account in CameraFi Studio.

What is additional manager account registration?

You can share and manage editing rights for matches and events you run with other users.

By adding other managers, you can focus on video recording, and the widget page can be easily controlled by other users who are managers.

- Membership-only feature.

- Up to 4 users can register as a manager account.

How to use the Account Sharing feature

1. Select the Account tab, then go to the bottom and click the Manager setting button.

2. Enter the email, handle, or channel name of the user you want as a manager and click the Request button.

3. Log in with the requested account and click the Manager Request Accept button in the history notification at the top right.

4. After clicking the profile image, you can switch to a manager account from the Switch Channel PLUS list.