Do you want to create a unique live stream? With CameraFi Live, you can easily connect a USB camera to your iPad to create live streams. 

Previously, connecting a USB camera to an iPad required an MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) certified capture card. However, now you can easily connect a USB camera to an iPad without the need for any MFi certified devices! Please check out the latest version of CameraFi Live 🎉

Use it for sports streaming, live events, webinars, and other high-quality streams! You can also use your iPad as a camera field monitor.

Usage Examples
  • Camera Monitor: Use your iPad as a camera field monitor. Try it in recording mode!
  • Sports Streaming: Shoot with a long-distance USB camera and manage the sports scoreboard on the iPad's large screen. Try using CameraFi Studio as well!
  • Webinars, Outdoor Live Streaming, etc.: Connect a professional camera to the highly portable iPad for high-quality live streams anytime, anywhere. Especially useful for outdoor live streams where PC use is challenging!

What You Need
  • An iPad with a USB-C charging port
  • iPad with iOS 17 or higher
  • CameraFi Live app version 1.65 or higher
  • USB camera, webcam, capture card, etc.(UVC device)
  • USB cable for connecting the device

How to Connect a USB Camera

1. Launch CameraFi Live: Open the CameraFi Live app on your iPad and select the desired streaming platform.

2. Connect the UVC Device: Connect the UVC camera, or a capture card and camera, to the iPad with a USB cable.

3. Select Resolution and fps: Once the camera is connected, choose the resolution and fps.

4. Choose Camera: You can easily switch between the internal and external cameras while streaming.

Utilize the large screen of the iPad as a camera monitor or for professional shooting needs such as sports streaming 🙂

You can download it for free!