Hello, This is the CameraFi STUDIO team.

CameraFi STUDIO scoreboard widget is updated!

1. Baseball Scoreboard Widget

Baseball Widget 5

2. Soccer Scoreboard Widget

Soccer Widget 5 Normal Mode

Soccer Widget 5 Penalty Mode

3. Live Widget (Membership Only)

Like the widget in the CameraFi Live app, the animation runs when data is updated.

(Custom CSS is not allowed)

Universal Widget 5

Lineup 5 Widget 5

- Manage Team names, Logos, and up to 10 Players

- Even if more than 10 players are registered, only 10 players are shown

- If less than 10 starting players are registered, the player field below appears blank.

Please contact apps.helps@vaultmicro.com at any time about the broadcast widget design you want, such as your desired scoreboard, match info, lineup, etc., and any feature you want to add.