Hi, this is the CameraFi Studio team!

We provide controls necessary for streaming and recording various Sports games, enabling you to conduct amateur games as if they were professional games.

You can manage and share sports events easily by utilizing the feature of CameraFi Studio.

⚽️ Soccer Scoreboard ⚽️

Use the controller to Stream and Record Soccer, including amateur, youth, School, College, Adult league!

1. Soccer Widget

① Soccer  1 ~  4: Score, Timer, 1st Half/ 2nd Half/ Extra Time/ PENALTY SHOOT-OUT

② Soccer Lineup 1: A team lineup (with motion).

* [THEME] tab -> Change HOME or AWAY in [Player Overlay]

③ Match info 1: Team logos(No logos -> team name), Match Title, Sports venue   

④ Lineup 1 ~ 4: Info on Player from Both Teams

2. Control

1) Period of Match

You can choose the 1st Half and 2nd Half of the Regular time and extra time.

If you click on + button, you can choose extra time and PENALTY SHOOT-OUT.

2) Controller

You can use two types of soccer controller. 

* You can set the hotkey in [Controller1].

* You can enter the score and inning using a keyboard in [Controller2]. 

Record team Score of the Regular time and the Extra time.

If you select PENALTY SHOOT-OUT on [Controller 1]

Record: Press team of “O” and then select goal(O) or fail(X).

Delete: Press recorded goal / fail and then select Cancel.

3. Hotkey Setting

You can register the shortcut key by pressing the [Hotkey Setting] button, then pressing the button you want.

Soccer control comes with default keys(Home Team Score: ↑, ↓ / Away Team Score : ←,→) registered.

If you want to delete a key, select it from the list, delete it and you can register a new shortcut key.

4. Player Info

You can select the Score / Foul / Change / Out of the registered player.

The record written in the Player Info will be reflected in the scoreboard and log.

① Score: Control by +1 button / Cancel button

② Foul: Click the number and select Y or R

Icon: Select Change or Out

④ Cancel Foul: To cancel, Select Y or R and click the [Cancel] button.

If you select PENALTY SHOOT-OUT, you can record it for each player.

① ▾ icon: Select the player doing the penalty shoot-out.

② Record: Click on “O” and then select goal(O) or fail(X).

③ Cancel: Click on record and then click the [Cancel] button.

5. Timer

This is a time feature on the scoreboard, and you can select to Hide / Show.

1) Time set 

If you want to start a timer, enter the time.

There are two types of Count up timer(Upward) and Count down timer(Downward). 

You can change it by clicking on it.

* Count down timer(Downward) is default.

2) Match time

You can set the Regular time and Extra Time in minutes.

If you set the match time, it will automatically be reflected as the specified game time when you change from the 1st half to the 2nd half.

If you do not set the match time, 0 is default and the match time does not change automatically.

3) Additional time

Click on the [Show] button, it will display additional time on the scoreboard.

You can change the minute by clicking +, - button.