Hello, we are the CameraFi team :)

This is a notice for CameraFi2 users. 

In order to improve service stability and quality, all features of “CameraFi2” have been integrated into “CameraFi Live”

CameraFi2 will be ended sequentially, so please download and use our CameraFi Live service.

If you download “CameraFi Live” now, you can use all the features of CameraFi2, as well as microscope features, various editing effects, and others! 

▶App Download: https://goo.gl/qjtCVD

How to use the microscope feature

With the microscope feature you can connect a microscope to your smartphone and measure the size of small microorganisms on your smartphone screen. 

Please refer to the post below for a detailed guide.                                https://blog.camerafi.com/2022/10/update-added-microscope-feature-added.html

How to use the recording feature

CameraFi Live's "Recording" feature allows you to record your camera and your smartphone screen.

How to use CameraFi Live

This is the guide for CameraFi Live beginners. Please refer to the link below.                 https://blog.camerafi.com/2020/08/introduction-guide-for-camerafi-live.html

Thank you for using CameraFi2 up until now.

From now on, we will provide a better service through “CameraFi Live”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at: apps.help@vaultmcro.com.

Thank you.