Hello :) This is the CameraFi Live team.

CameraFi Live’s login feature was newly added!

To be able to provide various functions that are currently in the making, we have added a CameraFi login feature. 

By logging in to CameraFi Live, you will have access to the following functions in the new future :)

Shall we take a look at what services are going to be updated?

1.  Live streaming support software ‘CameraFi Studio’

We will be releasing another service for live streaming: 'CameraFi Studio'!

‘CameraFi Studio’ can be used in any PC, smartphone, or tablet and provides various functions necessary for live streaming such as customizable scoreboards and subtitle functions.


With our scoreboard feature you can record and share a sports match anytime, anywhere. By using the studio, you can control the scoreboard remotely. You can also share the match results and match details.

We will also be providing scoreboard templates for various sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, billiards, and cricket :)

Live caption

Live caption turns live streaming audio into real-time subtitles.

We plan to provide matching options to professional stenographers for accurate subtitles and also provide automatic translation options.

2. Subscription management function

We plan to add a subscription management function for users to conveniently use the subscription service. 

We plan to update the app so that you can manage your subscriptions, such as subscribing, checking subscription products, and canceling subscriptions.

3. Live commerce service ‘CameraFi Shopping’

We are also preparing the release of ‘CameraFi Shopping’, a live commerce(or live shopping) service. We are planning to provide CameraFi Shopping services through Shopify. Shopify merchants will be able to use CameraFi Shopping to broadcast live commerce. 

We are planning to expand our services with various platforms other than Shopify in the future.

You can use all of the services mentioned above (CameraFi Live, CameraFi Studio, CameraFi Shopping) without registering for each service separately with the CameraFi integrated login!

Please look forward to it.

Thank You.