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How to Use Shopping Effects for Live E-Commerce (EN/ID)

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team.

Recently, live commerce is becoming a new trend in shopping because of the social distancing and quarantine all over the world.

Live streaming is growing a way of new shopping method that sellers stream live videos to interact with customers, create an interest from them, and finally leads to sell the products.

Nowadays, people from many countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, South American countries are streaming a lot of  live commerce videos on Facebook. Not only two those countries, it is a global trend that you can find in all countries.

From the latest update of CameraFi Live(V1.28.10.1029), CameraFi Live team has released a variety of graphic effects for shopping.

The effects includes such as Today's Deal, Big Sale up to 00%, Call Us, Sold Out, etc.

You can refer to the sample images as below;


1. Click the magic wand icon in the lower left corner.


2. Select the shopping bag-shaped Shopping tab from the Effect menu.

3. Edit the text or image by moving the red square and click the text you'd like to change.

TIP! You can also write the texts into two lines with the Enter key.

Or, click the three dots menu on the right side and write the dynamic texts and images from the effects you selected.

TIP! Click the RESET button to go back to the initial text and image.


Then, you can have the effect on your video like the picture below.

That's it! Isn't it easy enough for you to try now?

For any new ideas/suggestions about effects, please let us know via

Thank you.


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