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[Manual] How to Add Image Files in Your Live Video(EN/ES/PT)

Cómo Agregar Archivos de Imagen en Tu Video en Vivo (Manual en Español ) Como Adicionar Arquivos de Imagem em seu Vídeo Ao Vivo (Manual em Português) Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. You are able to add the logo image file in your live-streaming video. Please refer to the manual video or step-by-step image manual below; - Manual Video: * It is the feature for premium(paid) users. 1) Swipe to the left and select IMAGE. 2) Choose the image file. 3)  Adjust the size and location of the subtitle through the double-headed arrow. Then, apply the function with the ON button. If you have any questions while using CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment below. - CameraFi Live:

Facebook Mobile Camera Live, USB Storage, Change Settings While Live-streaming, Privacy Button_V1.26.43.0416

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. CameraFi Live updated with new features. Let’s see what changed! 1) Support a built-in camera broadcasting on Facebook Live - Enjoy Facebook Live with your smartphone camera ! - In the latest version, you can broadcast your live-streaming only by your Facebook login. Without writing custom RTMP URL and stream key , you can easily start your Facebook live-streaming right away. - If you wonder about Facebook live-streaming with your smartphone, camera, please click here . 2)  Support a USB storage - No Internal Storage? Just use USB Flash Drive! - In the Recording mode , you can save the recorded videos in USB storage as well as internal storage. 3)  Add a feature to change settings during a live-streaming - Don't worry if you set the wrong title, description, or privacy. Just change it during the broadcast. - With Settings menu in the Hamburger menu on the right top, you can change settin

[Manual] How to Broadcast Live on Facebook with Your Smartphone Camera(EN/ES/PT)

Cómo Transmitir en Vivo en Facebook con Tu Cámara Móvil(Manual en Español) Como Transmitir Ao Vivo no Facebook com a Câmera do seu Smartphone ( Manual em Português ) Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Do you like to communicate more with your friends, Page viewers, or Group members? How about Live Streaming on Facebook? CameraFi Live is an Android live-streaming app that you can broadcast on Facebook with your mobile camera.  You can broadcast live on Facebook with your smartphone within a few clicks. Then, let's see how easy it is. 1) Click Log in with Facebook. 2) Select where to stream. 3) Click START to go to the main screen. 4) Start live-streaming with GO button. CameraFi Live provides the following features that you CANNOT do by Facebook app.

How to Live-stream Worship Services Using Your Smartphone [Manual]

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. T o prevent the spread of COVID-19, many sports/ religious / business events are canceled as part of the social distancing. More and more faith communities decide not to gather on-site and move the worship services online.  However,  many small communities challenge about live-streaming with less than 1K subscribers and a lack of broadcasting equipment . 'CameraFi Live' is an Android app that makes it easy to broadcast religious worship services in real-time only with a smartphone. Here's a perfect guide for online worship services with your mobile. People with any experience in YouTube live-streaming can go to #3. [8 STEPS] 1. Create a Channel 2. YouTube Live Account Verification 3. Install & Run CameraFi Live 4. Stream Now 5. Set Broadcast Info & Start Live-streaming 6. Connect a Microphone 7. Offerings 8. Additional Settings * You can find a Spanish manual here . 1. Create a Channel To broadca