1. Introduction

CameraFi Live is leading the innovation in mobile live streaming. In this blog, we introduce the main video capture devices and accessories compatible with CameraFi Live, sharing ways to provide users with the highest quality broadcasting.

2. Video Capture Device Partners


- J5Create JAV06: Ideal for outdoor mobile sports broadcasting, it supports 2 HDMI inputs for various shooting angles. It also supports charging during broadcast and cold shoe adapters for DSLR cameras.

J5Create JAV06 x CameraFi Live x CameraFi Studio

- AVerMedia BU110(Discontinued): An initial model, popular for its fast data transmission and stable performance in mobile environments.


- Accsoon SeeMo and SeeMo Pro: The only products that can bring camera HDMI and SDI video output to the iPhone. MFi-certified, they support simultaneous charging during broadcasting on the iPhone (Note: SeeMo supports Type-C enabled iPhones only). They feature real-time switching between iPhone's built-in cameras and various overlays in CameraFi Live. (Related article link)

Accsoon SeeMo Pro x CameraFi Live


- AVerMedia's BU113:  The iPad now officially supports USB camera connections, allowing for various USB capture devices. We recommend AVerMedia's BU113 for its compatibility and stability with cameras supporting various HDMI output options, such as Sony’s FX30.

BU113 x CameraFi Live

3. Accessories for Enhancing Quality

High-quality microphones, lighting, and green screens are essential for enhancing the professionalism of broadcasts and increasing viewer engagement. We plan to recommend new products from our partner accessory providers soon to help users easily build the optimal broadcasting environment.

4. Partnership Opportunities

CameraFi Live is looking for new video capture device partners. Collaboration allows for verification of both parties' products and exploring joint marketing opportunities. Interested manufacturers can partner with CameraFi Live to broaden the reach of their products and access our user base.

5. Conclusion

CameraFi Live is open to continuous market research and expanding relationships with new partners. We are committed to leading the future of live streaming, striving to provide a diverse and enriched live streaming experience.