Add Live Captions to Your Broadcasts with TTS Functionality and Closed Captioning Support'

Hello, this is the CameraFi Team.

Did you know that CameraFi Studio provides real-time subtitles? ;-)

With CameraFi Studio, you can use sports scoreboards and live captions as browser sources on encoders like vMix or OBS. The real-time subtitle function includes a TTS feature that supports various voices, allowing you to send closed captions to video platforms such as YouTube and Zoom.

CameraFi Studio - Real-time Captioning

We are currently planning to create broadcasting themes for various purposes. During the beta period, all features are available for free. So, feel free to try them out and leave us an email if you need assistance. We will actively incorporate your feedback.

We introduce a case where the real-time subtitle function was used to facilitate communication between PD and viewers during a live commerce broadcast. While we continue to explore various applications for subtitles, we would like to share some examples of how they can be used for entertainment on broadcasts.