Hello. This is CameraFi Live Team :)

We had purchased Galaxy S22 Ultra and tested its operation. We have confirmed that all functions of CameraFi Live are working properly!

Users who are planning to purchase the Galaxy S22, please do take note.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone GOS

​​Recently, issues in Samsung Galaxy Phone GOS(Game Optimization Service) keep continuing.

There are a lot of CameraFi Live users who broadcast games through Galaxy phones, so I would like to share this information with you.

GOS is?

GOS (Game Optimizing Service) is Samsung basic app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent overheating during long game runs. When GOS is activated, game speed and screen resolution are automatically lowered, so many users might want to turn off the GOS.

If you want to turn off GOS, please refer to the following.

How to turn off GOS

One UI 3.5 and earlier

1. On your smartphone settings search for [Apps] and click it.

2. Click the top-right menu(three dots icon) on the [Apps] screen, and then click [Special access].

3. On the [Special Access] screen, click [Change system settings], and then find [Game Optimizing Service].

4. Click [Game Optimizing Service] to disable GOS.

One UI 4.0 and later - Galaxy S22, S22+, Ultra performance priority option

Due to the changes of policy by Samsung Electronics, GOS cannot be disabled using the above method from One UI 4.0+.

However, in order to meet the needs of various customers, Samsung Electronics has updated its software. Galaxy S22 users, please refer to the method below.

1. Please update the smartphone software.

2. Please click [Apps] in the smartphone settings.

3. After clicking on the [Filter and Sort] icon, then enable [Show system apps].

4. If you go back to [Apps], you can check that the [Game Booster] app has appeared.

Click [Game Booster] and then [Game Booster Settings].

5. Click [Labs] and turn off [Alternate Game Performance Management].

After completing the above settings, you can check that the game performance has improved.

There are many users who broadcast games using CameraFi Live. Users who want to use a high-performance gaming environment, please refer to the above post.

*Samsung Electronics has applied GOS to prevent excessive overheating of the smartphone, so please be aware of this part when disabling GOS.

Thank you.