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[Manual] YouTube / Facebook / Twitch Error Messages and Their Solutions

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

Today we will check the error messages for each broadcasting platforms(YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch) and find out how to solve them.

However, even if it has the same error message, it may be caused by other reasons. If the instructions below do not solve your problem, please contact us by the comment below.

1. YouTube

1) YouTube 500 Error

Error Message:

As the connection to the YouTube server is unstable, you cannot start live-streaming now. Please try again in a few minutes.{"code":500,"message":null}

Cause 1:

Unstable YouTube server

Solution 1:

In this case, if the YouTube server is stable after a certain time, the live-streaming is available.

Cause 2:

No Stream key because a streamer has never used Stream Now feature before

Solution 2:

This can be solved by accessing the YouTube Live Dashboard( and checking the Stream key in the Encoder Settings at the bottom. Then, please try your live-streaming again.

* If you go to the link above, users who have not generated a Stream Key will get a new one.

2. Facebook

1) Facebook 200 Error

Error Message:

cannot run for the following reasons(reason: (#200) Subject does not have permission to create live videos on this group)


CameraFi Live is not added to your Facebook Group App


In order to broadcast live on your Facebook group, you need to add CameraFi Live as the group app in the Facebook Group Settings.

* Only Group admin can add apps to your group.

For more detailed manual for adding CameraFi Live as your group app, please click the link below;

3. Twitch

1) Twitch 400 Error

Error Message:

cannot run for the following reasons(reason: {"status":400,"message":"invalid refresh token"})


The issue occurs when the Twitch login session expires and is refreshed.


In this case, you can broadcast by logging out of Twitch and logging in again in the app.

The issue will be fixed in the next app update on March. If the same issue still occurs after the update, please leave a comment below.

So far, we have checked the error messages of each broadcasting platforms and their solutions. I hope this would be helpful to solve your issue and make a better live-streaming.

If you have any questions while using CameraFi Live, please leave us a comment below.

Thank you!


  1. Dear gentlemen, I am a subscriber of CâmaraFi Live
    and recently bought a Smooth 4 from zhiyun that
    Use the Zy play app as a stabilizer control. I have a Samsung A30 (SM-A305GT)
    With Android 9, I wonder if there is any way to do
    Smooth 4 controls work on the CameraFi Live.

    1. Stabilizer (gimbal) is not currently supported. However, we will review it so that you can apply.


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