CameraFi Studio

Scoreboard User Guide

Last updated: March 7th, 2023

1. Create Scoreboard

Select the [Scoreboard] button on the home. If you click the button, you will see the popup window to enter the match information.
You must enter the * marked required field to create.

2. Create Match

  • You could select [Public] or [Private]. If you select [Public], the scoreboard will be exposed on the home match list and information can be viewed by non-studio users.
  • If you select [Sports type], player info is initialized, so it is recommended to select it in advance.
  • You can enter more information by pressing the down arrow button.

Create Match

3. Register player

  • You can enter [Home] and [Away] player information separately.
  • Even within a team, you can enter [Starting lineup] and [Substitute players] separately.
  • If you need to edit the player info, click the content you want to edit. You can edit the data and save it.
    Create Match > Register player

4. Details

After entering the match information, you could go to the details page by clicking the [CREATE] button on the bottom right. Also, when you select a match from the My Channel match list, you will be directed to the match details page. You can check the information you entered in the [Info], [Video], and [Lineups] tabs.

The [Log] tab stores all the detail controlled on the control page.

5. Control

1) Scoreboard

Click the [CONTROL] button at the top right of the Details page. In the [Scoreboard] tab you can control the scoreboard and choose the scoreboard theme. You can display the scoreboard overlay on your broadcast by adding the URL link. 

  • Score setting: Depending on the sports type, control items other than the score could change.
  • Player Info: You could select the control button such as Score, Foul, and Change next to the player. Score and Foul are reflected on the scoreboard.
    * Depending on the sports type, the necessary functions are not implemented yet. We will improve them in future updates.
    Control > Scoreboard > Player's Control

  • Timer setting
    • The timer default is to count up and if you turn it off it will change to count down.
    • You need to enter the time to start and can enter the time directly or by pressing the button.
    • Timer start time: You can set the start time when the time has to be continued after the time of the first half, such as in a soccer match.
Control > Scoreboard > Timer (Soccer second-half setting)

2) Player List

Click the [CONTROL] button at the top right of the Details page. In the [PLAYER LIST] tab, you can check the registered players and select the theme. You can display the player list overlay on your broadcast by adding the URL link. 

6. Log

The history of the control page is recorded on the [CONTROL] > [SCOREBOARD] > [LOG] tab. You can edit the log history. Also, you can check the log details on the Details page.

* The log needs to be improved, so please understand that it does not contain all the necessary detailed information.

7. How to use on CameraFi Live app

The scoreboard and player list could be used on the live stream as a web overlay and can be controlled from the web page.

Here's how to add a web overlay on the CameraFi Live app.

  1. Click the [COPY] button to copy the URL of the player list or scoreboard.
  2. In the CameraFi Live app, swipe right to left and select Web from the menu.
  3. Click + to add a web overlay. The overlay can be moved and resized when it is OFF.
  4. Tab the overlay you will see the settings. Enter the copied URL.

    CameraFi Live App Web Overlay settings

  5. When you turn it ON, the player list or scoreboard will be displayed on the live stream.

    CamreaFi Live App Scoreboard Web Overlay