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Add closed captions in OBS Studio
(for Twitch stream)

Last updated: November 29, 2022

1. Create a Twitch stream through OBS Studio.

2. In OBS Studio, go to Tools > obs-websocket Settings.

  • Check Enable WebSocket server
  • Specify Server Port
  • Check Enable Authentication
    (You can check the password by clicking the Show Connect Info button.)
obs-websocket Settings

3. Configure port forwarding to allow access to the server port number.

  • Access and follow the instructions after registering as a member. (Installation and account connection)
  • After the installation and account connection, open a terminal and enter ngork tcp [server port] as a command.
    (If the server port in the photo above is 4455, enter ngrok tcp 4455.)
  • Then the following screen appears. Check the values in the underlined part. port forwarding

4. Activate the OBS platform under Closed Captions in Settings and enter the values obtained through the port forwarding and the server password.

  • Server IP address:
  • Server Port: 13440
  • Server Password: The password that you checked from Show Connect Info.