We would like to inform you about additional settings and precautions you need to know to conduct live shopping on YouTube from CameraFi Shopping.


When creating a YouTube event, the following message may appear when you connect your YouTube account and try to create an event.

In this case, visit YouTube Studio, and create a YouTube stream with two settings;

1) Embed option

2) Not for children option

Here's how:

1) Click Go to YouTube Studio. 

2) In the YouTube studio click Schedule Stream.


4) In the Details, scroll down the page, find Audience, and select ‘No, it’s not made for kids.’

5) Click Show more under the Audience, find License, and check ‘Allow embedding.’

6) Set Monetization, Customization, and Visibility as desired, then click Done at the bottom right.

7) Come back to CameraFi Shopping and if you create a YouTube event again, you can select a steam as shown in the image below.


In addition to the above settings, there are a few precautions.


1) YouTube broadcasting only supports horizontal broadcasting.

If vertical broadcasting is needed, you can create an event with the CameraFi server and then broadcast it.

2) When broadcasting to the YouTube server, the product name and Shopify product links registered in the broadcast are automatically entered in the description box.

However, if the number of characters is more than 5000 bytes, only the description entered when creating the event will be added.

3) If you register an event and edit the title or description in CameraFi Shopping, it will not be reflected on YouTube. The content reflected only on the CameraFi Shopping viewer page and displayed on YouTube must be modified separately on YouTube.

4) Even if you enter a chat on YouTube Live, you can check it in the CameraFi Shopping > Control Room.