Introducing CameraFi Live iOS with Accsoon SeeMo Integration for External Camera Connection!

Hello, this is the CameraFi Live team :)

In the latest update of CameraFi Live for iOS, we have started integrating SeeMo by Accsoon. This means you can now enjoy live streaming through external camera connections on your iPhone and iPad!

SeeMo is an iOS HDMI adapter that allows you to connect your iPhone and iPad as camera monitors. When used with CameraFi Live, you can use it as a camera monitor, shoot professional-quality videos, or create live streaming.

Examples of Use CameraFi Live X SeeMo

1. Camera Monitor
You can use your iPhone/iPad as a camera preview monitor.

2. High-Quality Recording/Live Streaming
It is perfect for creating various content that requires high-quality videos, such as sports broadcasting, live shopping, news, seminars, and more.

3. Using Professional Camera Features
You can take advantage of professional camera functions for shooting, including long-distance zooming, capturing detailed scenes, and recording high-resolution videos.

4. Real-Time Scene Switching between iPhone's Built-in Camera and External Camera Source
During live streaming, you can switch between the default camera on your iPhone/iPad and an external camera connected through SeeMo in real-time. 

Connect an external camera on your iPhone/iPad to create a professional live streaming!

How to connect an external camera in CameraFi Live using Accsoon SeeMo

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