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2021 CameraFi Live Update Road Map

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.

We are announcing the CameraFi Live feature release plan.

Here's a brief list of the features we're ambitiously preparing for.

July version (planned)

- Video Preview: A function that allows you to view and select a video source image in real-time and switch the screen

- SRT Server (Beta): Provides SRT server function to receive input from various multi-camera sources

- Transition Effect (Beta): Provides video transition effects such as cut/fade-in, fade-out/dissolve when switching video sources

September version (planned)

- Add CameraFi Live account: Add CameraFi Live account and log in function to provide more various functions

- Multi-camera support(Beta): Broadcasting while switching video from multiple smartphones anytime, anywhere

- View My Broadcast: You can monitor recorded or broadcast video

- Add live streaming feature for Shopify

Additional features under review or to be reviewed

- Timer effect

- Chromakey

- Object tracking(AI)

- Gimbal support, etc.

Thank you for your interest and advice.

(*The release schedule is subject to change.)

Thank you!