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[Notice] CameraFi Live Galaxy Store Version Support Will Be Closed

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. It is a notification for CameraFi Live Galaxy Store Version users. With the end of the partnership between CameraFi Live(Vault Micro) and Samsung Electronics, the CameraFi Live Galaxy Store version support will be closed on Oct 30th, 2021. Users of the Galaxy Store version can download and use CameraFi Live from the Google Play Store. - Download from Google Play Store (After uninstalling the Galaxy Store version app, download it from the Google Play Store) - Out of Service Store: Samsung Galaxy Store - Update Disruption Schedule: June 5th, 2021 - Service Closure Schedule: Oct 30th, 2021 ※ Annual Subscription User Compensation Information We compensate for the remaining period of the CameraFi Live Galaxy Store Version annual subscription. We offer a subscription to the Google Play Store Version, so please submit the application form below. - Compensation Application *This compensation applies only to annual subscription users. *Compensation inquiry: apps.

[NOTICE] YouTube ‘Ultra-low latency’ setting is unavailable due to a YouTube server problem.

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. It is a notification for YouTube users. Due to a YouTube server problem, a ‘Latency’ setting error is occurring. This issue occurs when the Latency of the YouTube setting is set to 'Ultra-low latency'. For YouTube users, please set it to Youtube > Settings > Latency > 'Normal latency' or 'Low latency'. We will notify you as soon as the issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience you might experience due to the issue. Thank you.  

[UPDATE] Golf Scoreboard, Scoreboard control function, Player introduction effect, Multiple Shot_V1.29.57.0524

Hello, this is CameraFi Live team. We are happy to announce the release of our newest update. Let’s find out what has changed with this update. 1. Add a golf scoreboard The Golf Scoreboard function has been added in CameraFi Live! You can put Hole Number, Par, and Distance on the scoreboard as well as player name and score. Make a great golf live-streaming with CameraFi Live. :) 2. Improve scoreboard control functions We listened to our customer’s feedback and added Scoreboard control functions. You can conveniently change the score by using the + / - buttons. 3. Improve player introduction effects ✔ Originally, the player introduction effects will automatically disappear over time. We’ve changed it so that the player introduction will not disappear. For an effect that disappears automatically as before, set it in the 'Effect' menu as seen below. ✔ Now, you can edit the effect easily by long-pressing the effect. ✔ The soccer player introduction effect has also been added. Pl

[Notice] Changing to auto-renewing subscriptions in India

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team.  It is a notification for users in India. Changing to auto-renewing subscriptions in India(Updated in Oct 2022) Starting from May last year, India’s central bank policy prevented Indian subscribers from purchasing auto-renewing subscriptions. Indian users only have been able to purchase one-time purchases since then. You can now have an auto-renewing subscription again! Please note that a one-time product has been replaced with an auto-renewing subscription product. *You need to update CameraFi Live app in order to use the auto-renewing subscription.  For inquiries regarding subscription, please contact Thank you. ------------------- Subscription Renewals in India(Updated in May 2021) Due to the new Reserve Bank of India eMandate notification , auto-renewing subscriptions will be temporarily unavailable for users in India.  So we will be replacing auto-renewing subscriptions with one-time products only for indian users. The app

[VIDEO] Use Your Android Phone As a Camera Monitor: Live Streaming App(PT)

Hi, this is CameraFi Live team. Here’s a great Portuguese video of FILMMAKERS PRO-HELDER! The video introduces how to use Android phone as a camera monitor using CameraFi Live. It also introduces how to easily create professional live streaming. Please watch the video below; If you have any video to share or any questions about CameraFi Live, please send us an email via Thank you!