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How to Start Instagram Live with CameraFi Live x Instafeed (EN/ID/TH)

Bagaimana cara memulai Live Instagramdengan CameraFi Live x Instafeed (ID) วิธีไลฟ์ Instagram ผ่าน CameraFi Live x Instafeed(TH) Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. Today I would like to share how to start Instagram live by using Instafeed website. INSTAFEED can be a great way to broadcast on Instagram because ✔ It is a website, so you can stream it without a separate PC program . ✔ It shows Live status when it starts live-streaming from CameraFi Live. ✔ The streamed video can be shared on IGTV . ✔ You can download your live video from the Broadcast history section after streaming. However, you can use first 5 broadcasts for free and have to pay after the free trial. 1. Login to the site using your Instagram ID. 2. Click the Create New Broadcast button to create STREAM KEY. 3. Open CameraFI Live and select the CUSTOM RTMP server. Then, enter the RTMP URL and STREAM KEY copied from INSTAFEED and click the GO button. 4. When you start broadcasting from CameraFi Live, you can check

Tutorial for Adding Images in Effects (PicsArt ver.): Remove the Background & Adjust Location and Size

Hi, this is the CameraFi Live team. From version, the CameraFi Live team added Effects with an image included. To apply as in the image above, the background of the image must be transparent. The right size for the image is 1200x800 (3:2). Let's see how to remove the image background and adjust the size by PicsArt! If you need a tutorial for using Photoshop, please click HERE . REMOVE IMAGE BACKGROUND To create a transparent background, you need to remove the existing background. 1. Create an account. 2. Click the (+) button and bring the image file. 3. Select the photo to edit. 4. Click the Cutout button. 5. Choose the Select or Outline option and click the Save button on the right top corner. * If you click the Select - Person, it shows the red area to let you know where to be saved as below; APPLY THE IMAGE To place the subject in the proper place in both landscape and portrait mode, your image file should be in 3:2 ratio and the subject should be centered in the